Ugghhhhggghghghghghghhhh. If you’re a teacher, you are feeling about the same as I do right now. Why? you non-teachers might ask. Because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day; the only day candy, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and straight up sugar is sanctioned in schools. On Halloween, we say, “Now I don’t want to see any candy tomorrow!” or for Christmas we just send them home after a modest party. But tomorrow is like the apocalypse of school days. Not only are they sugared up (like Pops in that episode of Regular Show where he eats the donut) but middle school students’ brains are on hormone-steroids from the “romance” aspect of the holiday.

I really did have grand plans of making a seriously awesome multicolored four layer cake to blow their minds away, or possibly homeade marshmallows, but after the pre-game today and attempting to hit Target for some party supplies (like every other suburbanite), I’m ready to hit the fast-forward button to Friday at 3:01pm (the beginning of our three day weekend).

The one ray of sunshine is that I am filling in for our principal again tomorrow morning, so 1) I’m getting closer to the end of my admin program, and 2) my patience level won’t be exhausted until AFTER lunch time.

So Happy Valentine’s Day, people!

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