Words of the Week: Squiffy and Irrefrangible

Thank you, Downton Abbey, for adding a new and antiquated word into my vocabulary: squiffy. When Lord Grantham told the authorities that Alfred had been “a bit squiffy” when making the allegations against Thomas, I had to immediately look it up.

Squiffy means very drunk, and thus will be easy to remember. I’m sure I am the only person who can seamlessly assemble “dude” and “squiffy” into regular conversation. For instance, “Dude, last night you got way squiffy on all those Mike’s Hard Lemonades.”

I also managed to drop irrefrangible, meaning not to be broken or violated, into conversation last night while I attended a Scrabble party. Someone played a word that everyone at the table insisted was not a word, so I remarked, “That word is irrefrangible.

I’m learning, however, that while all these new words are quite fun to drop into conversation, I either sound a) pretentious, or b) no one knows what the hell I’m talking about.

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