Last month, I completed my goal of running 6 miles post knee surgery, and since then I haven’t really written about running. Have I been running on a regular basis? yes. Do I still have knee pain? yes. Do I get frustrated by my plateauing progress? yes.

Last year my students had a bad experience where our principal hosted a highly disorganized assembly wherein my extremely well-behaved and patient students were the ONLY ones to not get a photo op with our NBA team, the Trailblazers, specifically because they were the only kids who were well-behaved and patient. As I led them back to the classroom after the absolute mayhem of the assembly, they were so frustrated and saying things like, “I hate this school!” I felt pretty bad and knew they were going to go home in 10 minutes for the weekend and complain to everyone they knew about the experience.

Thus I chose to give them a motivational speech. I always joked that our class motto was “Suck It Up” and that we should have a giant poster with that motto proudly displayed (does that make me a bad teacher?). I told them I was genuinely sorry for what happened in the assembly, but frankly it was one of those times to just “Suck it up.” Things aren’t always going to go how you want them to. Other people are going to bring you down. You’re going to bring yourself down. But rather than dwelling on it, you’ve got to suck it up and take charge of what you can control. In 10 minutes, they walked out the room with smiles on their faces and had essentially forgotten what happened. BOOM.

So even though I really, REALLY didn’t feel like running today, I knew I had to…5 miles to be exact. I reminded myself that last year at this time I would have KILLED to go running. I also reminded myself that one of my goals this year is to run a mile in less than 6:30 minutes and that mile isn’t going to run itself.

But I need a little help from my friend Nike. I might seem like a high maintenance runner, but as someone who runs a minimum of three times a week in a city known for it’s rain, these things are necessary and I highly recommend them.



NIKE+ RUNNING APP (yes that is my run from today)






Yes, I fully admit I am a tool.

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