Words of the Week: Hypnopompic and Preconcert

Every few days I check my new Vocabology app for new words I might want to integrate into my daily conversations. This last week I saw the words hypnopompic, meaning the partially conscious state immediately before waking, and preconcert, to settle something in advance.

I remember thinking that hypnopompic was going to be a totally useless word and that I should pick something else the next day. However, on Friday night while we were all at the beach, someone started talking about that weird state of consciousness before waking. With a totally straight face, I said, “It’s called hypnopompic.” Keep in mind, all but one of these women were total strangers. They all looked at me, quizzically. I followed with, “That state before waking up – it’s called hypnopompic.” 

I had been pretty quiet all night, and this was pretty much one of the first things I said. I let them think I was a weird grammar snob for a couple seconds, and then burst out laughing and explained that I had literally learned that word just the day before and never thought it would come up in conversation.

So there you have it: my new vocabulary words are finding their way into my daily conversation quite seamlessly.

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