Top 5 Reasons I Don’t Like Boat Rides

(*Note: this post is in reference to my previous post about why I didn’t want to rent a boat to go clamming on the coast.)

I often hear a lot of people say things like, “Wouldn’t it be great to own a sailboat?” or “Man, I sure wish I had a boat to take out on the water today!” And I reply, “Nope…NOT ME.”

Let me clarify that I am an extremely strong swimmer and I have not had any near-death drowning incidents. I like the water; I like to swim. But boats are bad news.

Top 5 Reasons I Don’t Like Boat Rides

1. When I was growing up, my mom and step dad took me camping up the coast of British Columbia. At some point, my step dad (an experienced fisherman) and I rented a boat to fish off the rocky, barren coast. Things were fine until I remember the clouds getting a little thick, and the waves got a little bigger. When we finally decided to head back in, we were being tossed around and sucked out to sea. I wasn’t too afraid until we were almost tipped over by the wind and waves, and I saw fear in my step dad’s eyes. When we finally got back to shore, he nervously laughed, “That was close, wasn’t it?!”

2. On our honeymoon in Hawaii, Thor and I decided to go on a night manta ray dive (I had scuba diving experience but never at night). It was a chartered trip anchored literally within swimming distance of the shore and we waited for the sun to go down. The waves were so rough that we were both miserably ill within the first 30 minutes. We’d also not thought to pack warm clothes (hello! Hawaii!) and it was really cold. People were puking left and right, and so when the manta rays finally showed we were first in the water because we thought it would ease the seasickness. WRONG. It made it worse. After a couple more grueling hours, we made it back to shore and both continued to feel sick for days.

3. Another trip my step dad took me on was in Bend for whitewater rafting when I was probably 11. We had been before, so it wasn’t my first rodeo. But the rapids were bigger than I had experienced, and I weighed all of 75 pounds so I was being tossed around like a rag doll. I was the only child and everyone else seemed to be having a ball, but I spent the entire time clutching desperately to a rope to keep from being thrown into the rapids and under the raft. 

4. Around that same time in life, I watched a lot of mini-series with dramatic reenactments of true life stories. One involved a family whose sailboat was sunk in a storm and they washed ashore (also near British Columbia, I think). It was a barren landscape with no one around. They all suffered miserable frostbite and I remember a scene where they were choking down worms they found in the mud. I remember thinking, “Screw sailboats.”

5. On yet another famous family trip, we rented a boat to go crabbing on the Oregon Coast (on a frigid, wet day). After throwing out the crab pots, the motor sputtered out and left us stranded in the bay. We spent a lot of time holding up those bright orange seat cushions attempting to get help (and I was thinking of that sailboat family eating worms). After what seemed like a few hours, someone came along and helped us out. I was never really worried for our safety, but it was cold and miserable and I don’t remember catching a single crab.


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