21. Dig My Own Clams…not quite yet…

This last weekend I accompanied 12 other ladies to Rockaway Beach to hang out and, well, hang out. There wasn’t much of a plan (which I appreciated since I’m not huge on itineraries) but the possibility of digging clams was thrown out there. We started out by eating, drinking, hot tubbing, walking on the beach. 

While everyone else was sleeping off their hangover on Saturday morning, I got up bright and early for a sunrise run on the beach and then had a leisurely breakfast as the rest of the crew slowly roused themselves awake. However, by the time we looked up the low tide schedule and then investigated what we might need to actually DIG the clams, we has essentially missed our window. 

At the marina, a very nice woman was explaining how we would dig the clams and where we would need to go, but she was trying to get us to rent a boat for $65 and, frankly, my boat experiences have not been the best (explained in my next post) and the whole point of digging clams (in my mind) is having some cheap fun. For $65, I could buy a gaggle of fresh Dungeoness crab instead…so despite my friend, Frances’, pressing to just do it, I said no.

Instead, we went back to the beach house, Frances whipped up some mobile bloody marys, and we drove to Nehalem State Park to investigate where we were theoretically supposed to dig clams. We wandered and enjoyed the incredibly unseasonable January sunshine, and drank our bloody marys on the beach. We may not have dug any clams (yet!) but we still had fun! Oh yeah – and we also saw a baby deer…definitely a win.Image



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