Live Music Show of January: Lady Gaga

#18 on my list is to attend one live music show a month. The reason for this is that when I was growing up, a joy I had was constantly checking the local listings for what bands were in town and being able to see them live. I wasn’t into listening to the radio (in fact, I’m pretty sure I would have thrown garbage at a Backstreet Boy had I ever had the chance) but I was seriously devoted to an alternative music scene (and no, that doesn’t mean I listened to Blink 182 or Greenday). 

I’m sure I looked like a quintessential 90s alternative skater girl that we would all laugh at now, and half my friends were in bands, and the other half wished they were. But seeking out non-mainstream music was what defined who I am today. It also defines why Thor and I are married. And while our playlists in 2013 look extremely different (I like surf punk and he likes Nintendo-core, whatever that is), we grew up on the same music and saw the same bands play…and were even at some of the same shows before we knew each other. 

So this year, I really hope to see one show a month – either a band I currently listen to, or perhaps something all together new to me. 

But frankly, I’m not sure anything I see this year will top what I saw last night: Lady Gaga. It was fucking awesome.

I haven’t been to an actual “concert” since I was ten years old and saw Paula Abdul, so I wasn’t sure what to expect other than a lot of people. Lucky for me, my friend, Angela, had mad hook ups and we were seated RIGHT in front (literally, our seats were numbers 1 & 2). 

ImageI’ve seen some pretty amazing live shows in my life, but this one topped everything. It was completely over the top (as it should have been), with crazy leather costumes and lights that would give you seizures. What amazed me most, though, was that in between running up and down the catwalk in 9″ heels, Gaga would take a moment to slow it down and remind people to be kind to each other, and not be a sheep. I think the reason I generally hate celebrities and pop stars is because they appear all about the money and fame, and at least Lady Gaga appears genuine in her mission for equality – while still rocking the best costumes and theatrics.

The whole experience was overwhelming, and lands in my Top 5 life experiences (yes, I can’t believe I just said that). I got to wear a completely gold sequin dress with crazy high heels, drink wine with a great friend, and see my favorite songs performed by one of the world’s most talented showman. Pretty perfect.Image



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