Working on Words

I’m a teacher, which means that I have a variety of strategies for learning new vocabulary. I also have a really good memory so I didn’t think learning two new words a week or slipping them into conversation would be that difficult…or so I thought.

I’ve been using this iPhone app called Vocabology that basically shows a few new words a day and you can save any of the words you want, and then take a cumulative quiz anytime. Sounds good, right?

The other day, I had my new words: Apollonian, meaning resembling the god of Apollo, and buttonhole, meaning to detain in conversation, as if my grabbing their clothing (or something like that). I said to Thor, “You look very Apollonian today.” His reply was not very polite, and I assumed he knew what I meant but thought I was being sarcastic. Then he put me in a headlock told me fess up as to why I called him Apollonian. I yelled, “Don’t you buttonhole me!”

When he finally admitted he didn’t know the meaning and I explained that it was trying to be funny calling a guy named Thor Apollonian, he just looked at me. So far, inserting my new words into conversation isn’t exactly all that successful.

On a side note, I do recommend that Vocabology app. It’s really simple and everyone could always learn a few new words.

2 thoughts on “Working on Words

  1. I just downloaded Vocabology, and I love it! I haven’t really made a concerted effort to learn new words since I was studying for the GRE. I like that it includes a category from the urban dictionary. =P

    Speaking of great apps, one of my coworkers recently recommended Lift. It’s a free app that allows you to track your goals on a daily basis (e.g., stretch, lift weights, read, etc.) I’ve been using it for a week or two, and I love it!

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