Principal for a Day

#17 this year is to get my Administrative License, meaning I could be qualified to become a school principal. I don’t know that I really WANT to be a principal, but at least I will have all the necessary licensure in place if I decide to make the leap.

Initially, I applied to this program about two years ago when I was working as an Instructional Coach and a few different people with more experience in education recommended that I seek a job in administration. It sounded possible; I like lunch duty, wandering the halls telling kids to get back to class, running meetings, organizing events…sure, why not?

But at the time, my two bosses were extremely experienced, organized, and had things running pretty smoothly (especially for a high poverty school that is way past capacity). Then they both decided to retire…and right after I started the program I suddenly had two new bosses. One who is very experienced, but terribly disorganized (sorry, but I’m putting it out there); the other who was brand new to administration. Without getting into details, things haven’t been very good and frankly I’ve found myself wishing I had never even started the program.

But I’m not a quitter, and I know that if I can just muddle through and finish this damned program, I might actually enjoy a new position elsewhere. So that’s what I aim to do in 2013. The problem is that I’m relying on a boss who is very, very distant and, at times, passive aggressive. However, this last week I was asked to fill in as the principal for a day as both my admin were out for meetings. I was happy to do it, as it would be a good perspective check.

Of course, the day started with snow (and it NEVER snows in Portland), so I had a few nightmarish visions of being in charge when the district decided to send everyone home in the middle of a snow storm. But then the rain set in, I handled a couple referrals, checked in on some substitutes, and the day was over. No fights, no fires. Bada-bing-bada-boom.

I really do think I would make a kick ass Assistant Principal. Let the big guy take a majority of the responsibility and let me do the dirty work, gladly. I’ve just got to finish my hours, take one more class, and pass the test. Bada-bing-bada-boom.

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