The 2013 List of Stuff to Do

Even thought today is January 2nd, it feels like the official first day of the year because I had to go back to work. The first thing I had my students do this morning was think about their own 2012 and start drafting their own lists of what they wanted to do for 2013. I explained to them how I don’t like the term “New Year’s Resolution” because it’s vague and generally isn’t measurable. People say, “This year I’m going to lose weight,” but then two weeks later they are slamming nachos at a Superbowl party and then chocolate on Valentine’s Day two weeks after that. Plus, goals should be fun, and something you are looking forward to…not something that hangs over your head.

I told them they could pick anything they wanted. I see a lot of teachers showing their students how to set academic goals, but I showed them my own 2012 list and said, “Is there anything academic about cooking an artichoke?” They shook their heads, confused. I replied, “Exactly. Pick something you honestly want to do. Not something because you think you should. Cooking an artichoke took me an hour of my life, but about 10 years of wondering how to do it, so it mattered.”

I haven’t read their goals yet, but I hope they picked something more interesting than, “Get straight A’s.” BORING!

Anyway, I spent the last month drafting my list for 2013, and I’m excited that my knee will no longer be holding me back (too much, at least) and I can be slightly more adventurous. That being said, I have proclaimed 2013 as MY YEAR OF SAFETY. I will NOT injure myself this year! (Those who know me personally probably can’t think of a recent year where I wasn’t on crutches at some point).

I have chosen to roll over two goals from last year (gun shooting and snowshoeing) but I have 19 new items I hope to achieve. Much like last year, I think they fall into cooking, hobbies, or fitness…although a couple have to do with my career (BORING!).

So here it is – my official list for 2013. I can only hope this year will be as fun (or more) as last year.


5 thoughts on “The 2013 List of Stuff to Do

  1. Now you’ve got me on the Stuff To Do in 2013 kick. My list isn’t up to 20 yet, but includes taking a boat ride off the coast of Oregon (been here for 23 years – can’t believe I haven’t done this), doing a jewelry show (I have the jewelry, just not the drive to organize a show), and getting paid for at least one disaster talk or article. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Haha after reading your blog, the last thing I want to do is ride in a boat in the ocean. I’ve had a few scary experiences and have read too many books about boat rides gone bad. I think it would be awesome if you do a disaster talk somewhere! I would go!

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