A final post about my 2012 quest to do stuff…

Well, 2012 is officially over and it’s time to assess myself with brutal honesty.

Thor and I had a very long dinner out last night for New Year’s Eve and we talked much about my list and what might change for the upcoming year (and he’s in development of his own list apparently).

First, I am pretty disappointed about the lack of shooting a gun…and basically my failure comes down to ignorance. I DO NOT come from a gun-toting family (my parents are Boomer Liberals) so I have no background in this department. I thought I would need to take a class or something and I couldn’t just walk into a shooting range all like, “Heyyy give me a gun…” but after talking to a few people recently, it actually sounds like that’s exactly how you do it. I’m still dubious. Thor actually owns two guns, but they have been safely stored away from our home and I never thought to ask him for his help – until last night. So I am going to roll-over #1 because I’m not finished with this one!

Next, let’s talk about snowshoeing. We’ve had a particularly slow and dry start to winter here. When I had free time to learn, there just wasn’t snow…and then the mountain finally got some action last week but I’ve been sick on the couch. A couple friends and I have been looking at a couple group tours so I will also roll #8 over.

But let’s talk about the ones that didn’t happen, and I have no desire to revisit them:

#6: Do 10 pull-ups in one set. Hey, I did 83 push-ups – cut me some slack! I guess at this point in my life, I’m just not built for this one. I overshot my ability. Oh well.

#13: Learn real knife skills in the kitchen. My friend, Frances, convinced me to buy a Groupon for this a year ago but then when it came time to schedule the class – it was always full! It was annoying and I finally got a refund, and then I couldn’t remember why I wanted to learn about knives anyway. Over it!

#18. Play horseshoes like nobody’s business. Well no one would play with me (boohoo!) and while I’m still wishing this one would have happened, I really can’t get good or prove that I’m good if no one ever wants to play horseshoes with me. I searched craigslist and looked for local leagues, but never found anything. This one was just too random.

So there you have it: five things I failed to complete, BUT HEL-LO THAT’S 19 THINGS I DID COMPLETE.


I would say “Reading Three Books a Month” was probably the most challenging. Basically, the idea behind that goal was to do more reading and less internet meandering. During my leisurely summer months off, I can read by the pool all day, but when I get back to work I’m too exhausted to even think. I also go to bed no later than 9pm because I’m up at 5am to go to the gym, thus my time is limited.


Without a doubt, “Make Fire with Flint” was my best memory. I remember looking up at Courtney and Kerrie after chipping away at a piece of flint for a good 30 minutes, and was like, “This is impossible!” But once it did happen, I literally jumped in the air and exclaimed, “I made fire!” It was awesome. I can’t wait to make more fire.


I’m going with “Learn to tie three different types of knots” on this one. Yes, I learned how…and then I forgot. And it has come to my attention that I have no real need to tie knots on a regular basis in my life (no, I will NOT tie my 6th graders shoelaces) so that goal seems utterly pointless.

Quite honestly, I don’t know that I would have done any of these without committing to making my list public. BUT IT’S NOT OVER! I have drafted a 2013 list, but I don’t think I will post those items right away. I need a one or two day breather.

Thanks for reading!


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