#5: Do 100 push ups in one set. Check…mostly.

Today’s the day: the last day of the year and thus the last day to attempt 100 push ups in one set. I’ve been sick all last week and I’m definitely still not feeling 100%, but no excuses! After climbing the Mt Tabor Stairs with Thor and Courtney this morning, and then having a latte, I figured I was warmed up.

So how many did I do?? (Drumroll, please): 83 push-ups.

I blew the first 50 out like nothing, but the last 33 were progressively slower and more shaky. But hey, I did 83 push-ups without stopping while still recovering from being sick. I’m good with that.

Last year at this time, I would say that 40 – 50 push-ups would have been my max. After knee surgery in March, I was distressed that doing 30 was difficult, and felt like I was starting all over. If I can essentially double my max in one year, maybe next year I could do 150! (yeah right).

Because I haven’t quite made it to 100, in my head I’m not finished with this goal. But for the meantime, I’m totally satisfied with this number.

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