#3: Complete a Saturday Edition of the NY Times Crossword. Check.

I never thought I’d say these words, but I never want to do another crossword again!

Back when I was a teenager, I used to work in a greasy (but mildly historic) spoon called “Waddles.” The place had seen better days and I worked the breakfast shift on the weekends. It was a popular place for my favorite crowd: the elderly. There was an old guy who did the crossword puzzle every morning, and he brought a timer. I liked to do crossword puzzles a lot, but I remember him telling me that you weren’t NOTHIN’ if you couldn’t do the easy one in the paper in under and hour. He also said that you were “pretty damned good” if you could do the weekend versions of the NY Times crossword. Clearly, that criteria resonated with me.

While I can generally rip through the regular puzzle in the newspaper, the Times crossword requires more thought, and gets progressively harder throughout the week.

Tonight I opened up yesterday’s puzzle and set to work. Admittedly, I worked slow and steady, while watching TV most of the time (not my usual style). Sadly, I could not complete the damned thing COMPLETELY, but I did way better than in the past. Below is the screen shot of when I finished. You can see the letters I just couldn’t figure out because they have a little red mark in the corner.

I like to think that that old dude would have approved…mostly.


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