I’d like to thank the Academy

Well, the end of the year is here. I will do a couple “Wrap it Up” kind of posts, but I think a really important thank you should go out to those friends who were a part of my strange and interesting  year.

June: Without June, I’m certain that my bowling team experience would have been much more difficult. She organized the team, collected the money, and made sure we always had enough people to bowl. I’m also certain that she is the reason we won free pizza for being the most “spirited” team on the league. Thanks, June!

Jenny: Jenny is a wild card…a wild card who knows how to play bingo. While everyone else was like, “Bingo? really?” She accompanied me and was brave enough to ask the stupid questions I wasn’t (“What are the paper bags for?”, “How much is a bucket of mini coronas?”, “What’s a lightning blackout?”). Although we haven’t played recently, I’m sure we have more bingo in our future.

Rachel: This whole stupid blog started when I was in the midst of a deep, dark, depression about my blown out knee and the upcoming surgery. Suddenly taking soccer and running out of my life was miserable; and while I had the muster the hardest parts by myself at the gym, she really made an impact on the last quarter of my year by being the best trainer ever. While I’m still limited physically in several ways, I’ve made a lot of progress in strength and running thanks to her.

Amanda: Amanda literally handed me an artichoke at a restaurant and was like, “No excuses. Cook this.” She also has listened patiently to much, much whining about my knee and offered a lot of advice on things like surgery and painkillers (which makes her sound like a junkie, which I swear she’s not). She also waited patiently for me to learn how to edit our podcast independently (we need to podcast, lady!).

Helen: Helen was my new bff in Kansas for a few short days, and convinced me to explore Kansas City in total spontaneity. Never in my life would I normally bunk with an international stranger in an unfamiliar city, but she made it seem normal and fun. I hope we do it again this summer!

Kerrie and Courtney: Somehow we have become the three amigos when it comes to my list of random stuff. We played bingo, saw my dollhouse at the fair, and made fire. Kerrie bowled with me (and I’m pretty sure taught me how to make a cocktail, though I remember very little), and Courtney went SO out of her way to pick up my dollhouse from the fair nazis. As I’ve been making my list for 2013, I can’t help but imagine these two at my side in new and ridiculous adventures.

Thor: Poor, poor Thor. We were watching Regular Show the other day trying to figure out which character we related to the most. I said I was a mix between Muscle Man and Rigby. Thor patiently joined the bowling team with me, taught me how to edit my podcast, and took care of me through the initial injury and then my surgery. He didn’t complain when my dollhouse took up the entire kitchen island for a week, or when we went out on our first run and I had a panic attack that I was going to blow out my knee all over again.

Everyone else: A lot of other people chimed in on my blog or offered advice throughout the year. (Cherie, I still have your Mai Tai recipe tacked up on my fridge for the first day of summer.) I appreciate anyone else who has referred me another website, blog, book or article to read. So yeah – thanks, dudes!

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