9 Things I Did on Winter Break That Didn’t Pertain to My Blog

Here’s something to remember for next year: don’t leave any goals till the last minute because I might get sick and be incapable of completing them. Although I haven’t been bad sick, I’ve been feeling on the verge enough that I don’t want to make it worse, thus not being able to go outside and shoot guns or snowshoe.

I’m officially on my 2nd week of Winter Break (with another whole week to go) and while I have been mostly house bound, I would say my time has been spent much like MacCauley Culkin in Home Alone. Truly, this is the reason I will never have children (because I am one).

9 Things I Did on Winter Break That Didn’t Pertain to My Blog

1. I went on a Holiday train ride with my friends. 


2. I played in the snow.


3. I went beer tasting with a baby.


4. I sang karaoke.


5. I took a lot of cat naps.


6. I put together a puzzle. (Sorry, no photo for that one).

7. I made a gingerbread mini-house.


8. I watched a lot of cartoons. Like a lot of cartoons.


9. Got my ass kicked at mini basketball.


Tomorrow it’s back to work. Tying knots, playing with knives.

2 thoughts on “9 Things I Did on Winter Break That Didn’t Pertain to My Blog

  1. If my husband, Rick, had been at Kristin and Steve’s party, I totally would have had him talk to you about using knives in the kitchen! He went to culinary school and has about 20 different knives that all, apparently, have a specific purpose (if it’s not a butter knife, I don’t know what to do with it). PS – Your gingerbread houses look both adorable and delicious.

  2. I bought a Groupon for a knife skills class earlier this year, but the stupid class was always full so I finally got a refund! My plan was to watch a bunch of youtube videos and call it good. I’m not quite sure why I even put that one on there – I must have had some random thought and been like, “Yeah! Knives! Chopping stuff!”

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