Tonight Thor and I had dinner with his parents down in Salem (about 45 minutes away) and on our drive home, I asked him what might be on his 2013 bucket list if he had to make one. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog, and we don’t talk about it much, so at first I thought he would scoff at me (ever the pessimist) but he did have a few that he threw out. Then I divulged my rough draft for 2013 and we debated about the merit and realistic possibility of the items.

When I look over my 2012 list, yes, there are things that I’m pretty positive are not going to get crossed off…and I’m ok with that.

For instance, there is no freaking way I’m going to do 10 pull-ups within two weeks. What was I thinking?! I honestly thought that was possible a year ago. Today, I did ONE; and I really have been training hard! I guess I was like, “Well 10 pull-ups compared to 100 push ups sounds EASY!” I do all sorts of other types of pull-ups: assisted on the machine, jump pull-ups, negative pull-ups, etc. Tonight Thor goes, “Well let’s be honest…you didn’t really train for that…” to which I replied, “Are you kidding?! I did!” He laughed, “Well you didn’t take any steroids or anything. How else were you supposed to do it?”  Ha. Ha. Ha.

While some of my goals require my own individual willpower, others seemed more attainable with friends. For instance, the cocktail party was a lot of fun; or making fire with Kerrie and Courtney is one of my best memories. So as Thor and I discussed possibilities for 2013, I took that into consideration.

Another example of a goal I will not be crossing off was playing horseshoes like nobody’s business. No one wanted to play with me! It was so boring by myself (and a little pathetic). I thought surely I would find someone who wanted to throw shoes once a week in the nice summer weather, but no. And to be honest, if no one ever wants to play with me – what’s the point of being really good at it?

Snowshoeing is still on the fence. The snow has been terrible on the mountain (my friend, Frances, and I were literally supposed to go today) and if the weather doesn’t improve, I guess it will just have to be a 2013 thing. I am still very motivated to learn, but it might take a little more time. (Reminder: I couldn’t do it last winter because my knee was awaiting surgery).

Also, I seriously don’t think I can do a Saturday version of the NY Times crossword without a little cheating. I was really devoted to that one, but then my friend, Cherie, got me hooked on Scrabble and I couldn’t be totally committed to both; so I chose Scrabble. Really, I just wanted to get my brain doing more than aimlessly wandering the inter web, so Scrabble is a good replacement. Am I done with crosswords? Hell no. I’m just not doing one every single day.

A little “failure” is ok because my goals have shifted. There are still a few that I am working on (handgun, I’m talking to you) but as things wind down, I feel pretty awesome about what I did do considering I was physically disabled for a lot of the last year.

2 thoughts on “YOLO.

  1. This makes me feel good about my list, when you said ‘A little “failure” is ok because my goals have shifted.’ It’s a very adult way to look at goals vs the way most people look at them and just feel defeated. Have you heard of Lou Holtz’ 107 goals before he died (which he did all of, including eat at the white house & be on the tonight show!) it’s pretty inspiring. Im making one and doing as many as I can this year’s trip. 🙂

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