I just want to be clear that when I developed the idea for this blog, I had not heard of or seen a similar type of “bucket list” anywhere. However, as I’ve been running ideas for 2013 in my head, I’ve run across a ridiculous amount of blogs and websites for people to complete their own bucket lists. Granted, I think mine is way more practical and attainable (for the most part). I’ve spent the last hour looking at other peoples’ bucket lists and they have things like, “Hold a baby tiger,” “Camp in Iceland,” or “See Earth from space.” Riiiiiight. Now while I’m down for snuggling a baby tiger, I don’t see the point in writing something down if I’m not going to honestly try to get it done (that being said, if you have a baby tiger hook up, will you please let me know?).

Anyway, I did run across this website about choosing 13 skills to achieve in one year. I like looking at the categories, but at the same time I would much rather choose things that I come up with on my own than pick something from someone else’s list. I mean, come on, who else in the world wants to do 100 push ups and also submit a dollhouse to the state fair?  I’m a weirdo.

But I am curious as to what you guys might put on your own bucket lists…care to share?

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