#11. Run 6 miles post knee surgery. Check.

This is a very hard time of the year for many of my students because many of them rely on the breakfast/lunch/heat/happiness of school, and they are going to go two weeks without it. Then the other ones are uber excited about the presents/candy/glitter. That makes them all crazy, and seriously exhausting.

So today I took a mental health day. After having a bowl of oatmeal and two cups of coffee, I put on a completely new Nike outfit (running tights, shoes, running shirt & jacket) and decided today was the day. I was going to run 6 miles. OUTSIDE.

When I used to run outside daily, I had a variety of routes outside my door. My most familiar is a 2-mile loop around our property that I can run multiple times, but I figured that after 4 miles I might give up and go inside. I also really liked a 7 mile run that would take me through the hills of Forest Heights (one of Portland’s most affluent neighborhoods). This one was great because everyone waves at you and assumes you also live in a giant mansion, but the terrain is seriously steep so I thought that might be too much. Instead, I just chose to go 3 miles up the road (3.3 to be exact), and then run back (total run being 6.6 miles).

It was rainy and cold and anytime I felt bored or tired, I remembered The Burnside Guy. Overall, it really wasn’t that hard but I can already tell my calves will be paying for it tomorrow. Two years ago, I would have considered 6 miles an easy to medium run and today it felt like my maximum, but getting this far has seriously been a 12 month recovery journey.

When I got home, I threw together Beef Stroganoff in the crockpot and now, I’m off to get a facial. This is what I call a good mental health day.


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