The Burnside Guy

The other day I swear I wrote a post about a guy I saw running down Burnside on my way to work, but somehow the post is blank. But that’s ok because I was about to write about him again.

This week I was really mopey on the way to work because I was starting what was inevitably going to be a 60 hour week and I was feeling like my “me” time was disappearing. While driving down Burnside, I saw this guy in full Nike gear hauling ass down the road. Did I mention it was pouring rain? As I creeped by him in horrible traffic, we passed each other multiple times…and I just wished I could be out running in the rain like him.

But the next morning, I was at the gym at my normal 5:30am and when I stepped onto the treadmill, I thought of that dude. I ran four miles, with two minute intervals of  6.5, then 7.5, and then 8.5. It was a good run. I’m making progress.

And wasn’t I excited when I saw him again on our ride to work Thursday morning! There he was, in his Nike body suit, so I had to get a picture.

The Burnside Guy 1

There he goes.

There he goes.

I hate celebrites; if Kim Kardashian or Brad Pitt or Justin Bieber were sitting at a table next to me in a restaurant, I couldn’t possibly care less. My celebrities are random people out there that somehow influence me to do things (especially when they wear spandex bodysuits…ok, Lady Gaga is my exception). So if you happen to know The Burnside Guy, make sure you let him know that I’m giving him a jealous thumbs up when I pass him on the way to work.

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