Breaking Out of Zip Ties

The other day I posted a video about how to escape if you are bound by zip ties and I thought I would let you know how full of crap those videos are. They must be like the hoax that circulated for awhile about cellphones that make popcorn. How do I know this? Well, I tried it, naturally.

After a harrowing week back to school, I was packing up some science kits on Friday afternoon and discovered they had zip ties inside (for when we ship them back to the district). I grabbed a few and went to the classroom next door where my friend, Angela, teaches and said, “Hey, wanna try something?” As soon as she saw the zip ties, she already knew what we were going to do.

So we cued up the youtube video, and zip tied each other.IMG_0481

Despite some major attempts, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get them off. As a friend later remarked, “They use zip ties to hold shit down during major storms…you can’t just break out of those.” Though it was amusing to watch each other struggle, we finally had to cut them off. I attempted to gnaw on one of them but I really couldn’t get a good angle on that either.  And here it is two days later and my wrists are incredibly sore.

Sorry ladies, if you get zip tied, you ain’t breaking free.

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