6 Miles is ALMOST in the Bag

Okay it’s time to get serious. I have a little over a month to complete some of my final objectives. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will probably not be able to do 10 pull-ups, but it’s not for lack of trying. I just don’t think it’s physically possible at this juncture (but maybe 2013…?). I have also clearly failed at reading three books a month, which is not to say I’m not reading; I seriously read before bed every single night. Otherwise, I think I’m pretty much on track.

Yesterday, I decided to run outside for the first time since my surgery eight months ago. I’ve been able to run about 4 miles on the treadmill, but IT’S JUST SO BORINGGGGGGG. So I convinced Thor to be my running buddy down at the new Nike trail across the street from the Nike Campus (which I have been affectionately calling “The Rape Trail” on account of it’s wooded locale). It is a 1.5 mile loop conveniently located right near my house, and I wanted to complete 4.5 miles total.

The first mile was absolutely brutal: The second my feet hit the trail I had to pee, and there was absolutely nowhere to go. I considered the bushes but figured I should heed the hoard of signs warning of Poison Oak. I could see Thor getting irritated with my “need to pee” panic so I just told him to run on his own and I would figure it out, which simply meant that I trailed him by about 20 feet the final three miles, willing my bodily functions away (I do it everyday as a teacher, so I’m familiar with the tactic).

I ran 4.5 miles in about 45 minutes, so slower than I would be on a treadmill, but for my first run outside I’ll take it. I know it sounds lame, but running on a Nike trail makes me feel like quitting isn’t an option. All these sinewy, long-legged athletes are out there with their day-glo shoes, and their “Running Sucks” t-shirts…I’m just too competitive to give up.

I’m really planning on 6 miles next week. I think it’s totally doable, assuming I hit the bathroom before we leave.

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