Burning down the house

Right now I am at Camp Sandy River with my students on a three day Outdoor School trip. It’s my fourth tour of ODS and I know the routine, so I just kind of hang out, drink coffee, surf the inter web and take pictures because the camp staff really do most everything else. It’s not like traditional camping, but more of an educational experience. They sing countless songs and learn about ecosystems.

However, last night while sitting next to the campfire, it occurred to me I still need to learn how to make a fire with flint!

My friend, Kerrie, has a fire pit in her backyard and agreed to let me experiment back there this weekend (assuming it’s dry). I’m going to bring some marshmallows and wine, and we’ll see what happens. I won’t, however, sing any camp songs.

With the craziness of the east coast storms, perhaps you can now see why I want to be prepared for disasters (or maybe you don’t – whatever). While I have a kit in my car and in my classroom, our house one still has a few things to be desired. Although I don’t expect to fully tackle that one this weekend after three full days of supervising children in the wilderness, I’m shooting for the end of the month.

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