My Bionic Knee

I realize I have not put up a post in a couple weeks, although I do mentally blog everyday. While the past year has been a rocky one, taking a couple weeks off of blogging generally meant that I was too depressed about my stupid knee and I just didn’t feel like talking about it.

That said, my knee feels AWESOME! Really! I’ve been working out regularly with my trainer, running on the treadmill (up to 4 miles non-stop), and walk/running the Mt. Tabor stairs every week. The other day I really needed some copies made stat and when I opened the copy room door, I realized I had unconsciously ran down the hallway to get there. UNCONSCIOUS RUNNING!

Now, not everything is perfect. My busted old knee still gets sore and stiff after my workouts or at the end of the day, and it still feels a bit wobbly when I run but the annoying pain under my kneecap seems to have ceased. A month ago, I was getting dubious that I could run 6 miles by December 31st, but now I’m feeling relatively confident (although in my head that running should be on a trail out in Forest Park, so we’ll see).

A lot of people have asked me lately how I get the motivation to wake up at 5am and hit the gym before work. Yes, it’s dark. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s raining. Yes, I’m tired. No, it’s not easy, but I have a lot of tricks that make it doable.

Lindsay’s Top 10 Ways to Gain Gym Momentum

1. Buy a new outfit (or two) for working out. At least for us girls, it works. If you’re a runner, buy some new shoes (or fancy shoelaces if you’re on a budget). 

2. Carefully select your playlist the night before. You’ll spend time thinking about what you want to do while listening to your perfect playlist.

3. Layout your clothes the night before. This one is major. 

4. Make the coffee the night before. You know that Folger’s commercial that’s always on during the holidays, where some mom comes downstairs and smells the delicious Folger’s and realizes her son is home from college? Well, the smell of coffee is what got her out of bed.

5. Create a “partner pact.” Even though Thor and I don’t go to the gym together (he runs outside in the horrible, freezing rain), we agree the night before what time the alarm is going to go off and that YES we will BOTH get up. My alarm goes off at 5:00 and his goes off at 5:01. 

6. Mark off your workout on a calendar. I have a whiteboard calendar in my kitchen  and I write “gym” on the days that I expect to go with a little checkbox next to it. Right when I walk in the door from my workout, I check it off. It’s like announcing, “I did that.”

7. Write up your workout the night before. I have several workouts written down that I rotate through, but I like to write up newer or more creative ones when I hit a rut. 

8. Get to know the front desk person. When I walk in the door and the dude goes, “There’s Lindsay!” or “Deacon is in the house!” it wakes me up. Admittedly, I have a GREAT front desk guy with a lot of enthusiasm, but even the lazy college kids I’ve had in the past are also hating life so if you joke around with them it can be fun. 

9. Sign up for a class. I used to take a Tuesday/Thursday Spin class that started at 5:30am and because it was a regular scheduled event, I felt like I was missing something if I didn’t go. And then you get to brag to your coworkers, “Yeah my spin class this morning was intense,” and they look at you with a jealous admiration.

10. Speaking of bragging to your coworkers: Brag to your coworkers. Sure, it sounds narcissistic, but when I mention to people that I was at the gym while their lazy ass was sleeping in, they really ooooh and ahhhhh and it makes you feel just that much more motivated to go again the next morning.

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