Back to Bowling

Yesterday my friend, Heidi, invited me to go bowling and it occurred to me that not only have I not gone since surgery, but I haven’t gone bowling at all since our bowling team’s season ended back in February.

While I was a bit out of practice, and muscle exhaustion had set in from my morning workout with my trainer, I didn’t do half bad on my first game back.

However, my stamina was pretty much out and each game I got progressively crappier (although it was still fun). At the end of our fourth game, I was feeling like a failure because I still hadn’t gotten a turkey, but I put mind over matter and finished out with a Ham Bone (that’s four strikes in a row for you amateurs).

No really – it was fun. We went to Park Lanes out in the middle of NOWHERE (but right across the street from the 24HourFitness where I work out with my trainer) so I knew the area. The place was TOTALLY dead, the food was crazy cheap, and they had big signs announcing karaoke with monthly contests (cash money, people!). Now THAT is the kind of Lebowski bowling I have been searching for (not the kind where hipsters are trying to hook up with each other).

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