The Dollhouse Saga Continues

You all are going to kill me right now. So today I had the day off for a morning doctor’s appointment, and I figured I would finally go pick up my dollhouse with the rest of the day. I had a workout with my trainer around lunchtime and was just going to go straight to Salem afterwards, but right as I hopped onto Hwy 217, traffic was super sluggish. Beings that I had just finished a brutal workout and hadn’t gotten the chance to shower or eat, I was NOT in the mood to spend 2 hours going DOWN to Salem and then hit rush hour on the way back UP to Portland. I took the next exit and went straight home.

BUT I WANT MY HOUSE BACK! At this point it’s just the principle of the whole matter! As I was driving back home, I thought to myself, Exactly how much is my house worth to me? It’s not worth 3 hours of my own time, but I would honestly pay to have it back. I considered asking the fair to ship it to me at my own cost, but figured that wasn’t plausible. So instead, I went to craigslist. This is my solution:

Click to go to the actual CL post

I can only hope that this works out. No one can say I’m a quitter!

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