Well, sometimes you gotta throw down when people don’t show you enough R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Over the weekend, I decided to send one final email to the fair about my missing dollhouse. First thing this morning I had a reply (they must have heard about my push up contest). So ok…NO I didn’t contact the Oregonian, and well, NO, our school auction isn’t exactly official yet, and YES, I did try to milk the “needy students” bit – but that’s how you get shit done.

Lucky for me, I have to take this Friday off for a doctor’s appointment, so it looks like I’ll make a little detour down to Salem. Thor was like, “You know you’re going to get there and they’ll be like, ‘Oh yeah, we’ve got your house riiiiiiight heeeeerrrrreee…’ and it will be smashed to bits in a box.” Let’s hope not.

Here is the chain of follow-up emails since the last post:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Hello,I have sent several emails about the pick up of a dollhouse I submitted. At this point I’m guessing you did what you wanted with it, but I think it’s pretty uncool that no one has a) responded, or b) respected the fact that I’m the kind of person you need to keep the fair going. I spend a lot of money at the fair every year AND submit things for judging. Seriously, I spend with wild abandon.I also bring friends with me and they spend a lot of money. I worked hard on my dollhouse and expected to get it back. I never would have submitted it if I had known that you guys were so disorganized. I actually blogged about the whole dollhouse building/submitting process and several of my readers were super disappointed with my experience this year, as well. I am a teacher at a high poverty school and was expecting to sell the dollhouse at our school auction to raise money for our needy students.
I just thought you should know how annoyed I am, and that I have contacted The Oregonian about my experience. Next year, I will not be blowing my money on your event (which is sad because it is a tradition I have enjoyed for many, many years). I am hoping this email catches your attention since my earlier and friendlier attempts have not done so.
Lindsay Deacon


Hi Lindsay,

I am sorry that no one has responded to you sooner.  We still have your dollhouse here at our main office.  You are a valued to us here at the Oregon State Fair.
Thank you,
Creative LivingOregon State Fair

12:02 PM

To: Creative Living
Thank you for your response. Can you tell me what hours/days I can come by?

Lindsay Deacon


Our office is open Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.
Thank you,
Sara Whitney
Oregon State Fair
Phone(503) 947-3214

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