Battle of the Sexes Part Deux

In case you were wondering, I won today’s push-up challenge. Right after lunch, I sent a student with a note across the hall to the teacher that scoffed at my ability to do even 30 push-ups. The note said, “I’m challenging you to a push up contest at 1:45. You in?” When the student came back, she said not only did he accept, but said he would do it one-armed. I feigned my nervousness.

A group of us already climb the Mt Tabor Stairs on Thursdays after school so I had my workout clothes with me, but when I ran to the bathroom to change, I suddenly realized I had packed my white and pink tennis skirt. Pair that up with my weight lifting gloves and I looked like some kind of roller derby country clubber.

Anyway, when our classes met out on the playground, several other teachers had gathered to watch while students chanted our names. To be fair, I had a student from his class count my push ups, while one of mine would count his; and it was explicitly stated that you do as many as you can in one set. The students shouted, “GO!” and I was impressed that he was able to crank out something like 51 push ups, but then he reared back and held himself. I did 56 for good measure and stopped but I could have probably made it to 60. Then he started doing more and we were like, “NO! You’re done!”sat which point he began contesting the rules.

Whatever, Tim. We can rematch any day. Because by next month I should be up to about 70.

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