Battle of the Sexes

Now that the school year has started, I have been SO busy. Last night I literally went to bed at 8:30pm and woke up at 8:05am. That’s how tired I was, but now I’m up with my cup of coffee and my GTL shirt on, ready for a workout with my trainer.

Last week at happy hour, a fellow teacher who is about my age overheard someone asking how my pushups were going. I mentioned that when I climb the Mt. Tabor Stairs, I like to do sets of pushups at the top (usually 35 – 45 reps) and he looked at me and goes, “Psssshhhhh you can’t even do 30 pushups!” I stared back and said, “Yes I can. Right now I could do 50.” He still looked at me disbelieving and then the conversation moved on.

This particular teacher is right across the hall from my classroom, and many of my current students had him last year. What he doesn’t know is that this week I am going to challenge him to a push up contest in front of our students, and shame the hell out of him.

Anyway, so this morning Thor and I were flipping channels and landed on that Nickelodeon show with Sportacus and I remembered his crazy push ups. Let this be your workout inspiration for the day:

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