Below is the …

Below is the communication I have had with the Oregon State Fair. Can someone please tell me why they are being so difficult? 
August 31st
I submitted a dollhouse in the creative living area and I was told that the only time for picking it up was this Wednesday from 12-6. I’m a teacher inportland and that’s the first day of school so it’s totally impossible to make it there. Is there anyway to pick it up over the weekend??? Thank you.
Hi Lindsay,
You are more then welcome to pick it up On Tuesday, September 4th.  I hope this works better for you.
Thank you,
Sara Whitney
Oregon State Fair>>> OregonStateFair Contact 8/31/2012 5:42 PM >>>

I was unable to pick up my dollhouse today and have tried to recruit a friend to pick it up tomorrow…but haven’t found anyone. Is it at all possible to pick it up this weekend?Thank you,
Lindsay deacon

7:53 AM
To: Lindsay Deacon
Our office is closed on the weekends.  However, we will be here tonight, August 5th until 6:00pm.  Hope that helps.
Thank you,
Sara Whitney
Oregon State Fair
I totally would have made it down, but I’m a teacher in Portland and it’s the first day of school. We work till 5. What else can I do? I’m sorry to be annoying about this, but it seems silly for me to put hours of work into my dollhouse only to leave it behind. I want it back.

Lindsay Deacon

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