Dear Oregon Sta…

Dear Oregon State Fair,

I’m really annoyed with you. Every year I attend the fair with gusto. I eat fried foods, drink beer, eat cotton candy, play carnival games, look at all the exhibits and recruit my friends who might not normally go to the fair to come to do the same. Last year, I took it a step further and entered cookies in the Baking Competition, becoming a true participant in the fair. I had a good time.

But this year, things have been different. I can accept that the volunteers were confused when I dropped off my dollhouse for submission. No biggie. But then my dollhouse wasn’t even judged. That’s ok with me since I was apparently the only one to enter the competition, but a ribbon that I participated sure would have been nice. It also would have been nice if one of the volunteer’s greasy fingers hadn’t gotten all over the house that I slaved over. I was willing to forgive all that.

So I’ve been told that this Tuesday or Wednesday are the only days I can pick up my dollhouse or it suddenly becomes property of the fair. While this might work for retired people (whom I assume are the bulk of participants), I’m a teacher and this is the first week of school. I want my dollhouse back, so what should I do?

It’s not like I won’t go to the fair next year, but I think you need to clean up your act. I’m the exact person you want to please. I’m in my 30s so I have many more years of attending and participating to go. I also like to blow my money on fried food and Whack-A-Mole. You should be rolling out the red carpet when I show up. 

Please take all of this into consideration as you plan the 2013 fair.


Lindsay Deacon


P.S. I hate your new ticket system. I don’t want a laminated card that a carnie zaps like I’m at the grocery store. I want tangible TICKETS that you keep in your pocket.

3 thoughts on “Dear Oregon Sta…

  1. Interesting. Tell me more about the laminated card and the process. Do they scan it ever? How do you refill it? Does it have a magnetic stripe or smart card chip?

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