Dollhouse Finale

ImageFor me, today was officially the last day of summer. Tomorrow I’m going back to school in an official capacity so it was only natural that some friends and I went to the Oregon State Fair to check out my dollhouse, and do “fair” kinds of things.

My friends Jennie, Kerrie, and Courtney tagged along for the wild ride. Between Courtney’s extensive FFA knowledge, and my Creative Living competition experience, we were like tour guides. We started with frosty beers and sheep petting, then moved onto the food.



Once we were fed, we trolled around the Farm/Garden/Crafts exhibits which I noticed were severely limited compared to previous years (the unknown effects of the recession strike again!). We finally found my dollhouse (the only one there) in a case of random stuff, and some dude got his greasy finger prints all over it! So uncool! Anyway, no I did not win a ribbon, but it looks like there wasn’t even judging since it was just me. So….I win unofficially, right??? ImageImage






Then we ate some more. The competitor in me had to come home with some sort of prize, so the one thing I DID win officially was Whack-a-Mole. Then we ate some more.

Next year, my plan is to enter the homemade marshmallow category…and Kerrie insists we enter table decorating but I don’t know that I’m ready for something that involved. The dollhouse seems like a lot of work and then it didn’t even get judged – wtf?


One thought on “Dollhouse Finale

  1. They didn’t give you a ribbon! This is BS! You should get three ribbons, since you are the ONLY Oregonian with enough hutzpah to put a dollhouse together. I’m calling Kithaber right now on your behalf.

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