Fair Results are IN…or not…

I’m not sure if I come off as a competitive person or not, but I swear I’m not…not really… I guess I like to compete with myself, but not so much with other people. I don’t like the idea of “winners” and “losers” all that much, but I also despise the idea that “everyone wins!” [There is a terrible monologue by Henry Rollins in Sons of Anarchy about this}. 

So when I said that I wanted to submit my dollhouse to the state fair, that really was the end goal: just a submission. When it comes to learning, I ‘m definitely way more about the process than an end goal – but at the same time, you’ve got to celebrate the small wins along the way, right? Well, the Oregon State Fair Hobbies Results are in, and THE DOLLHOUSE CATEGORY IS CONVENIENTLY MISSING! What the hell is that?! I entered lot 505: Dollhouses – do you see anything missing?


After the confusion of not knowing where to put my house when I dropped it off on submission day (and the fact that they couldn’t find my entry ticket despite my showing the email), I’m starting to think my house is shoved off into an unmarked corner. NOT THAT I WANTED TO WIN OR ANYTHING…but geez at least let me check who DID win.

Next week, I will head down to the fair in person because no matter what I still want to pet the animals and eat cheese fries and ride the Tilt A Whirl (yes, in that order thank you). I’ll make sure to track down my house wherever it may be but in the meantime, I’m calling shenanigans.

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