Fire Building

I’ve been really feeling like I need to get around to #9: Build a fire with flint. Summer is almost over and I’m fantasizing that I’m roasting marshmallows over my successfully built fire from scratch. My flint kit is just sitting down in the garage, so I think I may try to recruit some friends to hit up Sauvie’s Island this weekend for a s’mores roast – you know, like something off a Levi’s commercial – who’s in??

I just read how we can use Doritos as our kindling – so apparently the possibilities are endless.

Use Doritos (or Other Chips) to Start a Fire

Anyway, Thor recently sent me a link on another awesome test of self-sufficiency: Catch a Fish with Your Bare Hands. My dad used to take me fishing and while it was fun and educational, I still remember feeling disturbed about ripping the hook out of the live fish, or clobbering it in the head. Gutting it was no problem, just the murdering and maiming part; not my cup of tea. However, it does sound like an awesome challenge to catch a fish with bare hands, hold it over my head in triumph, and then let it go…?Learn to Catch a Fish With Your Bare HandsI know there are still four solid months of Fall left before we round out 2012, but I’m already starting to mull around ideas for my 2013 blog. Whether it will be another list, a big project, or something else I don’t know, but I would love to hear suggestions, or ideas you have for your own blog.

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