Kansas City, here I come…

Generally, I’m so not spontaneous. I really enjoy sleeping in my own bed, eating out of my own fridge, and watching a lot of The Young and the Restless in my own kitchen. Which is why tonight I will be totally out of my element – and I’m excited!

I’m currently in Lawrence, Kansas for an Instructional Coaching Institute, and today is the last day. A couple days ago, I met a very cool Canadian girl who suggested I change my flight and hang out with her in Kansas City for an extra day or two. I laughed, and thought, “Sounds fun – but….” I am supposed to fly out tonight, but first thing in the morning I said to Helen: “Tell me more about Kansas City,” and she replied, “Are you gonna stay?!” and I said, “Yep, I’m gonna change my flight right now,” and I did.

When our workshop is over, we have a car taking us to Kansas City and will be staying at her hotel downtown. She’s already got the skinny on where to eat BBQ and go shopping and see a museum…how could I say no? And by tomorrow, I will be able to check off #16: Travel to a Major City I’ve Never Been To.

Granted, I’ve flown INTO Kansas City several times now, but I’ve seen nothing but the airport…so I’m counting it!

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