#10: Build and submit a dollhouse to the state fair. Check.

Well, today was the day: time to submit my dollhouse to the state fair. For those who aren’t caught up on the process of this one, there were some steps involved: 1) online registry in the spring, 2) acceptance into the competition, 3) purchasing and building my house, 4) dropping it off at the fairgrounds in Salem.

Luckily, my friend, Courtney, was willing to be my wing woman and escort me down to the fairgrounds. If I had to go alone, not only would I be bored, but I can see myself stressing out about where to actually turn in the dollhouse. Back in July I got an email that gave me extremely vague instructions to turn in my submission at one of the buildings on the fairgrounds – and I guess I just assumed there would be some signs. Guess not. We entered at one of the “FAIRGROUNDS” signs and drove around the very empty fair until we finally spotted the Sheriff hanging out in a barn. When I asked for directions, he instead decided to give us a very personal Sheriff Escort, so you know we rolled up all VIP.

Once inside, the volunteers taking submissions were completely confused, and failed to have my entry ticket. As I’m holding my giant dollhouse, they kept asking, “What category are you entering?” I refrained from telling them pickles or canned meats. Finally, they let me put it on an exhibition table and it was official! So if you make it to the state fair this year, make sure to give my house a shout out. As you walk by you can say, “I know the girl who made this house – she’s kind of a big deal…”


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