I was an Organizational Nazi in the Fourth Grade

Initially my plan for the dollhouse was to purchase and/or make new furniture, but the utter lack of dollhouse supplies in town threw me off and now it’s too late to purchase anything online. I was digging through some old boxes of mine in storage because I had a weird feeling I had something dollhouse related – luckily I was right. There was a little kitchen and chairs set, and some china. Otherwise, I’ve got nothing.

But what I also ran across was this little notebook that SOMEHOW got saved. I’m SO not a hoarder so I don’t know how this thing made it 20 some years in my possession. I opened it up and sure enough it’s full of little organizational notes and lists from my 4th grade year. God, I bet the teacher loved me.

I cannot WAIT to show this to my 6th grade students this year, and when they attempt to turn in an essay written in a yellow highlighter without a name, I can whip this baby out and go, “Do you see those HEADINGS? How about PAGE NUMBERS? YOU SEE THOSE?? I DID THIS IN THE FOURTH GRADE!


Check out those page numbers.


Yes, don’t forget the glitter.

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