Top Five Things NOT to do When Submitting a Dollhouse to the State Fair

Ok, I’m surprised I’ve pulled this much off considering how little planning I did to make my dollhouse. While I had my doubts at the beginning of the week as to whether I was even going to make the deadline for state fair submission, I’ve sweated over this thing (literally) for the last few days in my kitchen while marathoning The Young and the Restless.

I still have a few more things I want to get done before D-Day, but at this point I feel like the pressure is mostly off. That being said, should I choose to do this all over again, I will definitely take a different approach.


1. Assume your city has a hobby shop with dollhouse supplies. You would think in a place like Portland where everyone and their dog is into “crafting” that there would be somewhere to buy miniatures and supplies (and I’m not talking Dungeons and Dragon miniatures because the options abounding). I have spent the last two weeks driving all over town and there is nothing! NOTHING! 

2. Assume that the last weekend you have to work will be a mild 72 degree day. For as chill as the temperatures have been all summer, it suddenly decides to be 100 degrees on my last couple days to work and we don’t have air conditioning. Next year I will be checking the weather report.

3. Make conversation with the owners of the hobby shops. These are some lonely people, and they have been talking my ear off. Today, I got to be involved in a really sweet lecture about the virtues of marriage from a dude wearing rainbow suspenders – all because I needed to know where the fake trees were.

4. Forget that you’ve left all of your paint supplies at a friend’s house. Back around the holidays, my friend, Frances, and I engaged in some interesting egg ornament painting and I had toted over my giant box of model paints. Granted, I wanted to buy new paints for the base colors of the house, but it’s just another one of those things that’s making me fall behind.

5. Go out and sing karaoke multiple times in the last week it’s due. Dudes. I’m exhausted. Karaoke has been awesomely fun, but normally my bed time is around 8pm and I just can’t seem to catch back up. Next  year I will be happy to karaoke all summer long, except the couple weeks leading up to dollhouse submission.




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