Countdown to the fair…

My dollhouse is due to be dropped off at the fair by Monday, so I’m feeling the pressure. There are so many fun social things happening now that the sun is out, and I just want to go out to happy hours and sing karaoke and do some berry picking and lay out at Sauvie’s Island, etc etc etc… but happy hours will come and go, whereas my dollhouse is something I said I would do so I apologize if I’ve flaked out on you in the last couple days.

The good news is that the kit I bought is probably the easiest thing I’ve ever put together. I certainly won’t be getting any points for difficult construction. I’ve also decided that because I didn’t have the time to plan a real theme, I’m just going to decorate my house in my own way. Yes, that means gold leopard carpet in the loft bedroom. 

Yesterday I put kit together, and today I spent most of the day painting and putting in the windows. Tomorrow I have LOTS of touch ups to do, and finalizing things like flooring and roofing materials. I bought some cheap wooden bookcases that I will make into built-ins, and I need to hit up the hobby shop for some tiles or faux foliage. But I’m in a good place for the moment…

Basic, unfinished kit




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