Books of July

Dudes! I read FOUR books this month. Count ’em: FOUR. 

I figured out the secret: it needs to be hot enough for me to lay out on the back patio to get my tan on. The first couple weeks of July were pretty decent and I ripped through my books, but then it got all cloudy and crappy in the mornings and my reading seriously declined.

A History Of Cannibalism: From Ancient Cultures To Survival Stories And Modern PsychopathsA History Of Cannibalism: From Ancient Cultures To Survival Stories And Modern Psychopaths – Nathan Constantine 

Wow. This book was AWESOME for a weirdo like myself. I feel like I generally have my finger on the pulse of the macabre, but I never realized just how many people in history (and recent history, mind you) have eaten each other. And I’m not talking individuals, I’m talking whole cultures or regions of people. The first part of the book talked a lot about the historical context for cannibalism, and then the final parts were about more recent serial killers. I couldn’t put this book down, but I also couldn’t sleep at night. A sure fire winner!

Blockade Billy

Blockade Billy – Stephen King

One of those days that it was hot, we went over to my dad’s house to lay by the pool and he handed me this book and asked if I would read it and tell him what I thought. It’s two stories, one is about 80 pages and the other about 20. I guess I heard my dad wrong because I read both and he was like, “No! The first one is stupid! I said read the second story. It sounds like something you would write!” So there’s his opinion. I actually liked the first one better, but only because it had a mild amount of intrigue and I wondered if it’s a true story. The second story was kind of disturbing and I thought it was even more disturbing that my dad thought I would write something that messed up. Basically, this old dude pays this woman a bunch of money to punch a four year old in the mouth because he is too geriatric to do it himself, and while her husband disagrees with the idea he allows it to happen. Then afterwards she gets off on being a sadist and leaves him. The end. Thanks, dad.

Batman and Robin, Issues #2, 3, & 4, DC Comics

I figure three trades equals one book…sort of…right? I am not a purist Batman fan. I liked the old campy issues where Batman was a total sexist pig, and religiously watched the cartoon of the 90s. I liked the Batman movies until Mr. Freeze entered the picture and then they lost me. I’m not a fan of the Dark Knight series (sue me). But what I liked about these issues is that Batman and Robin don’t know each other in the beginning, but end up being thrown together by circumstance to fight some seriously twisted foes. It’s a far cry from the campy, and the odd tension between them is interesting (and less gay). The art was so-so for me. If you’re into comics, give it a shot.

The Instructional Leader’s Guide to Informal Classroom Observations – Sally Zepeda

Soooooo many someday I’ll have what it takes to be a principal. Until then, I’m working on my professional The Instructional Leader's Guide to Informal Classroom Observationsreading (some on my own, some through my admin program). This book is short and to the point. It had some good ideas for administrators and instructional coaches, and maybe even teachers who are proactive about wanting to really collect data about their teaching. I could see using it in the future.

2 thoughts on “Books of July

  1. There is no way I could let you getaway with that. Remember the sheep story. Also there was a period that your favorite movie was ALIVE. —a cannibal movie about these guys that crashed there airplane into the Andies Mountians and ended up eating each other.

    • Are you kidding? Alive is still one of my favorite movies; plus I read the book and saw the documentary in the theater. I was into cannibals from the beginning.

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