The Art of {Wo]manliness

My friend, Jim, sent me this link to the Navy Seals underwater knot tying test. Bitchin! I’ve seriously gone back to this link multiple times in the last week, and I’m stoked that it has step by step knot-tying instructions.

That morning, I found myself reading other articles on the site, and later realized I had just spent an hour on a site called “The Art of Manliness.” Now I’m not one to cry sexism…pretty much EVER. I like a woman in the kitchen and a man in the driveway. But there were so many useful ideas, tips, and stories — so why is that stuff relegated to a MAN?

The other day Thor also sent me a link – it was how to optimize my Pinterest experience, and I replied, “I’m about over Pinterest.” Seriously. I swear if I see one more set of pictures of someone’s “unique” wedding or a baby in a bunny hat or Bible quote superimposed on a picture of a beach, I’m going to barf. Ladies – do you realize how much Pinterest is dumbing you down?! Sure, I have a lot of things pinned on my boards (mostly ideas for cooking or my classroom), but there comes a point where you’re just scrolling through elaborate pictures of clothing and fancy kitchens and elaborate hair braids…for what?

Which brings me back to The Art of Manliness. As women, we need to know how to tie knots! How to build a home disaster kit! How to build a fire with flint! How to snowshoe! All of this on top of how to make a quiche.

That doesn’t mean that you have to strut around town flexing your biceps with a crossbow over your shoulder (although that would make you my hero), but if you can’t do things for yourself…well, you’re lame. Let’s face it: you are not a delicate flower. So get out there and post some pictures of yourself chopping wood or something.

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