Push Up Calculator


Have any of you read about that guy who is attempting 1,000,000 pushups in a year? He’s raising money for military veterans and it works out to something like 2500 pushups A DAY. That’s my kind of insanity.


I woke up this morning, admiring my biceps in the mirror while my cats watched. I started thinking about that guy and mentally calculated how many pushups I’ve done since the week started: 295. Then I started looking up YouTube videos of more types of pushups and ended up on one of those Internet time sucks watching Pacquiano do 1000 situps or Jack Lalane doing fingertip pushups.

Anyway, I came across a pushup calculator that figures out how many pushups you should be able to do based on age. So test yourself and see where you are at: http://www.exrx.net/Calculators/PushUps.html

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