Someday I hope to construct a hammock of jungle twine…

I’m at the point where a lot of the goals I have left aren’t one-time events, and take some continual chipping away to make progress. And while I know many of you are highly anticipating my calligraphy or crossword puzzle achievements, I’m just not quite there. But I can at least update how I am making progress.

Complete a Saturday edition of the NY Times crossword

I have the NY Times Crossword app on my iPad, and I really attempt to finish one crossword a day. I have a loop that I do as I build up my crosswording muscle: I do a Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, then attempt a Thursday, not finish, and start with another Monday. Eventually, I know from experience that I will be able to finish a Thursday and I will then move to attempting Friday, abadon it, and repeat the whole process. I have no clue how the average person does crosswords, but this works for me. When people say they suck at crosswords, I think the biggest reason is that they don’t do them consistently because that is the most critical piece.

Learn Calligraphy

I kid you not, I have this “Learn Calligraphy” book that my aunt gave to me probably ten (maybe even 15) years ago and while was really excited to get the book, somehow I just never did it. I kept moving the book from one bookshelf to another thinking, “I’ll get on that next weekend…” So anyway, a couple weeks ago I cracked it open (literally CRACKED the dust off) and have been periodically practicing my lower case alphabet. Lucky for me, it came with different widths of pens and some guide paper. It’s hard work. My hand gets really tired and it reminds me how my students must feel when I force them to write “I will listen to the teacher” a million times. 

Do 100 pushups in one set

I’ve talked about my workouts, and yes pushups are a part of my routine four to five days a week. I do regular pushups, t-push ups, pushups on the bosu or balance ball, explosive push ups, and up/downs. Last week I did a baseline test so I can officially start making measurable progress and I did 47. Not bad, but I could certainly do better. This week I expect to do 50.

Learn to build a fire with flint

I bought a flint fire starting kit online and it has been sitting in the original shipped box since the day I got it. Who wants to go out to a campground and start a fire with me? Let’s make some s’mores.

Run 6 miles post knee surgery

I was officially given clearance to start running again by my physical therapist. Mentally it’s very challenging to know that before surgery I was able to go out and run 10 miles pretty solidly and now my running program calls for 30 seconds of running, two minutes of walking, for about a half hour. When I go to the gym, I desperately try to get a treadmill away from anyone with lean, sinewy runner’s legs. I hate them.

Learn to Play Horseshoes like nobody’s business

This one honestly isn’t going so well. I need to go play on a really regular basis but I have no one to go with. I don’t know why I feel like such a douche going out alone to throw some iron, but I do. I think I might drop by a park before or after my MWF class at Concordia so it feels like I’m on schedule…

Learn to tie three different types of knots

It occurred to me the other day that this might sound like a sex thing. I guarantee you, IT IS NOT A SEX THING. It’s more of a lame survivalist thing. Like, maybe some day I’ll be marooned on an island and I’ll need to build a hammock out of twine (oh dare to dream). I learned the Flemish knot that helped me tie tether balls during the school year, but really all I need to do is get on the damned inter web and learn a couple more. I’ll do that by August.


Everything else I’m either not ready to tackle yet, or I’ve already been posting about my plans. I’ve also found that some things that really interested me at the beginning of the year have lost their luster. For instance, why did I want to learn knife skills? I really don’t remember! 

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