Dollhouse Countdown

ARG! Why did I ever say I wanted to submit a dollhouse to the state fair?! So much pressure!!! A couple days ago I got this email:


A little background: I have a thing for dollhouses. I think it goes along the lines of the rugged American capitalist Calvinist entrepreneurial  image I have of myself. Yeah I played a lot of board games and Super Mario back in the day, but the games I REALLY liked were the ones where you made a lot of money and then decked out your life. I’m a firm believer of working hard, making money, and making something of yourself (this is why I think everyone keeps telling me I’m a closet conservative). So the idea of a dollhouse is like decking out a house just the way you want it, and pretending that you, too, can be the American Dream.

So the dollhouses I have made in the past have been from basic kits, and I’ve furnished and decorated them myself. Now the range of dollhouse kits is EXTREMELY vast. I used very basic kits that could be assembled in a day….but there are kits out there that are so far out of my amateur range that it makes my head hurt. Like I said, I’m self-made! I don’t like directions! I like to wing it on my own! So those crazy kits aren’t my style.

I do know that I want something modern – not a lot of gingerbread trim and foofy Victorian pieces. Here are some of the pics that I’m using as inspiration:

more dollhouse furniture:)

dollhouse inspiration - love the vintage furniture

 So ultimately I purchased a very easy kit online (and hopefully it doesn’t take long to get here). I thought the price was an extremely reasonable $29.00 (most kits start at around $100). I’ll let you know when it gets here.

MiniTown Loft Shell Kit

2 thoughts on “Dollhouse Countdown

  1. Kits?! You should be disqualified! You should have purchased a coping saw and miniature lumber, and framed out your house to you desired specks. Better yet, a soldering iron, some small scale metal rebar, and some plexiglass and you could have gone all Philip Johnson in their asses!

    • Yes Jim, I am a total amateur. Thankfully, the fair has several categories for dollhouses (or miniatures). I’m in the self-proclaimed “amateur adult” category…but they have ones that are 1/4 and 1/2 scale categories, or also specific antiques. I’m hoping by the time I’m 70 I will have a nice solid collection of LOST figurines and replica miniature sets to display.

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