Books of June

It’s the third week of Summer Vacation, and I’m finally in a routine. I can’t imagine how people work all 12 months out of the year. It seems ridiculous because it takes me two full weeks to decompress from the school year and begin to get things done. When do “normal” people organize their closets? or pick berries? or build a bomb shelter?

And yet, with the complete lack of sunshine I haven’t been all that motivated to read. The days where I read the most are the ones where I was all oiled up on the back patio trying to get my bronze on (my books have brown finger prints all over them to prove it). Here’s what I managed:

1. The Russian Heritage Cookbook by Lynn Visson. Can I count a cookbook? Well I’m gonna. I read the thing from cover to cover so I think it counts. I don’t have any background on Russian cooking, but this book was easy for me to understand. I appreciated the few stories about the history of different dishes or when certain meals are appropriate. My favorite part is the last section where she has grouped several dishes together for themed meals…I would never have been able to do that on my own. The only thing missing was pictures, but I can get around that via the inter web.

2. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. I would totally recommend this book. I picked it randomly with the intention of getting a better perspective on my health and fitness habits, but it also had me thinking about organizational habits or cultural habits. I can’t walk into 

Target anymore with the same glazed look and I’ve found myself changing the way I think about how I brush my teeth or set my alarm. The book does have a lot of research behind it, but does not attempt a “magic bullet” for changing one’s bad habits. It’s definitely worth a read.

3. The New Rules of Lifting for Life by Lou Shuler and Alwyn Cosgrove. I already wrote about this book in my previous post, so I won’t go too much into it here. This is another book I super recommend (and it was complementary to The Power of Habit). Whether you’re already into regular workouts at the gym or interested in really taking your workouts to another level, this book is really comprehensive. And it’s really visual. I need that.

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