Muscle Bound

This week is supposed to be my last week of physical therapy, assuming I pass my functional test. Does that mean I’m back to normal. NOOOOOOOooooooo….

But since for the first two weeks of summer break, I’ve felt a lot more on track. I still hobble down the stairs and can’t do any twisting or quick turning, but I’ve made it to the gym almost everyday. This tells me it is time to start seriously training for #5 (push ups), #6 (pull ups), and #11 (running). And while physical therapy has helped me recover some lost strength and balance, it is not a regular plan for fitness.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and one I’ve come to really like is call The Fitcast. It’s pretty lengthy and I could see how some might think it’s boring, but I’m totally down to listen to trainers wax intellectual about new research and theories behind lifting/training/etc. Based on a few interviews from the podcast, I bought a book that recently came out called The New Rules of Lifting for Life.


You can seriously tailor the plan for individual strengths/weakness so this last week I started the program. Many of the exercises are ones I already do on a regular basis, but this gives me an actual roadmap for everything I do…and it’s fun. The templates that I print out are like checklists (you know I like checklists!) and the book is FULL of pictures.

But that can’t be the only thing to keep me motivated. One time my old trainer, Rachel, told me the best way to motivate yourself for a workout is to buy a new outfit. So I’m also rocking my new Nike Frees 5.0 (it’s good to have a husband that works for Nike).

And you need a playlist on your iPod. If I’m NOT listening to a podcast, here’s my current playlist (Izak this one’s for you). Judge not.

1. Saint Bernadette: Already Gone

2. Black Flag: TV Party

3. Dramarama: Anything, Anything

4. Elastica: Smile

5. Misfits: Hybrid Moments

6. Sugar Shack: It’s Not Enough

7. Groovie Ghoulies: Kick Ass

8. Suicidal Tendencies: I Shot the Devil

9. LMFAO: Party Rock Anthem

10. Telephone: Lady Gaga

11. Circle Jerks: Wasted

12. Misfits: Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight

13. Agent Orange: Last Goodbye

14. Bloody Hollies: Raised by Wolves

15. The Breeders: Saints

16. The Saints: One Way Street

17. Black Flag: Police Story

18. Minor Threat: Cashing In

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