State Fair Submissions!

Tomorrow is the last day to submit your entry form for the Oregon State Fair. Last year, my friend Heidi and I took the plunge and decided to submit cookies. At first it was like, “Sure – this will be fun!” Then it became uber-stressful. Will they laugh at my cookies? Are they the right size?? What kind of plate do I put them on??? But we did it – and it was pretty exciting to go to the fair and see our stuff on display. I had considered submitting a dollhouse and crapped out at the last minute, but when I saw there was one AWESOME dollhouse and one PATHETIC dollhouse on display I said to myself, “Well at least I could have gotten 2nd place…Next year I’m totally doing it.”

So unfortunately, the state fair has had to change some of their submission policies based on budgeting. At the moment, you submit an electronic entry form that you intend to enter a specific category, but if they don’t get more than five people, that category will be cancelled. Soooooo my dream of submitting my dollhouse may not happen.

EITHER WAY, I’ve got to start thinking about my submission. I’ve built a few different basic dollhouses (no historically accurate Victorian estates built to scale) and this year I had hoped my house would have a theme; something that would be fun for me to put together. I’ve narrowed it down to following:

1. Super Mario Brothers’ House

2. Surfer Cottage

3. Something Genoa City related

4. Retro House

5. Hello Kitty (it almost seems too easy)


So hopefully my category makes it to competition, but if it doesn’t – oh well. At least my intent was there!

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