Not long ago, I…

Not long ago, I took this online personality test that said I’m an introvert. I was sort of surprised by the outcome, but Thor totally agreed with the test. I argued that I spend ALL day at school talking to kids, parents, teachers; I make a concerted effort to talk to everyone – so how could I be an introvert? But then I do agree that while hanging out with my friends all day is definitely fun, I’m exhausted when I get home. I would also prefer a night of watching old tv with my cats on a Saturday night as opposed to closing down a bar with a bunch of people. So ok, I’m an introvert….I guess…

But sometimes being an introvert means you don’t try new things. For a long time I was never very interested in taking a class to learn a new skill or joining a group of people to exercise, etc. It was exhausting to meet new people and try to learn something at the same time. I’m used to being good at most things, so looking like an idiot in front of strangers wasn’t exactly my bag either.

However, today I met with a new personal trainer and I had an instant longing for my old trainer, Rachel. I started going to Rachel maybe three years ago, and it was instant fun. I had always liked to run of the treadmill or use the stairclimber, but it just seemed like there was more to learn. By working out with Rachel (sometimes at the gym or at the track) I really learned a lot about fitness and how to push myself, but I also realized that there’s no shame in just saying, “I’m a novice, so how can I be an expert?”

The trainer I met with today was really nice, and seemed knowledgeable, but I was so far beyond the workout even post surgery) that I realized how far I have come. People often ask me how to use equipment, anD sometimes I have big meatheads ask me about where I get my workouts…last week this huge guy asked me if I would be his running buddy and I was looking around the gym like, “Is he talking to me?!”

So thanks to all the people who have helped me so far this year by attending bingo, or being on my bowling team, or sending me links about one of my goals…blowing out my knee is the crappiest thing to ever happen in my life, but now I should be able to look back on 2012 fondly…mostly…

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