#19. Join a Professional Networking Organization. Check.

Wow. I actually took care of this one back in February and I forgot to post! Well, sort of…
Most of you know that I am currently teaching, but I have previously worked as an Instructional Coach (until funding was cut) and I am also enrolled in an Initial Administrative Licensing program at Concordia University. The idea behind this goal is that if you want to move up, frankly you’ve gotta put yourself out there and know people.

I’m not even sure I WANT to be a principal, but it felt like a natural next step and I figure I might as well get staed now so if opportuntities present themselves in the future I will be ready. So in the winter, I applied for our district’s Aspiring Leaders cohort/program and was accepted. Its not exactly an ORGANIZATION per se, but it is a regular networking opportunity and thus far the workshops have been done really well (which you usually can’t say about district PD). The funding has been iffy for next year, but at this point we are still planning on meeting and I’m looking forward to it.

While I believe that I am a pretty damned good teacher (though still learning every day), I think I was a better coach. Leading children is really challenging, but leading adults is far more difficult. If you want a kid to turn in something or be there on time, you lecture them because you can. If they argue, you get to lecture them on why they shouldn’t argue. It’s great! But if you want the same thing out of a teacher and they don’t follow through, you can’t lecture them. They will take it all personal and then trash you to everyone they come into contact with that day. But in my opinion, it’s because teachers so rarely hear positive things about what they do that they get into “bitch mode” and that’s where I come in: I have the ability to get people out of that mode, mobilize them to something positive, and showcase their expertise.

So anyway, the bottom line is that teaching is ok for now, but I want to surround myself with others who see the bigger picture of education and want to lead it to a more effective place.

2 thoughts on “#19. Join a Professional Networking Organization. Check.

  1. Have you ever heard of the Montessori schools? I love the self guided learning. But then I also think there are certain things students MUST learn. I don’t know. What I DO know is that teachers become teachers for a reason, unfortunately a lot of them lose their passion quickly. If you are one that can inspire and bring that passion back, then our kids need you to do that!

    • Yeah my husband said that his first few years as a kid were at a Montessori School, and it sounds pretty awesome. Personally, I like to point my finger a lot and say, “Oh no you don’t!” so a Montessori school would probably kick me out – ha!

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