Fist pumps, pushups, and chapstick

I honestly thought my goal of reading three books a month was reasonable, but that was before I discovered the pure joy of watching Jersey Shore. Last month there was a Saturday morning where I just needed to zone out, and I randomly pressed play on the first episode on Netflix. Suddenly it was dinner time and I was well acquainted with the macaroni rascals.

I powered through FOUR SEASONS, but at least I can honestly say I was on my spin bike for most of that time. Some chicks watch reality dating or wedding shows, but if you know me well, you know that I like to get hell a tan, wear something leopard everyday, and I’m a total gym rat…so this show is totally me. There was an episode entitled, “Fist pumps, pushups, and chapstick” and Thor groans, “Oh god…is this one gonna be about you?”

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t read any books, so here’s what I did manage to do:

Tribulations of a Shortcut Man by PG Sturges: I picked up the first book in this series of a semi scandalous Hollywood whodunits and while it didn’t blow me away, I still found myself wanting to read the next one (this book). I think this one was a notch better and it read really fast. It’s reminiscent of the Lawrence Sanders books about McNalley, but with more of an edge…good summer time reading.

King Rat by James Clavell: I have read this book every summer since I was 14. Really. I was in Hawaii and picked it up off the bookshelf, read it, brought it home and somehow a tradition was started. Last year my good friend Amanda replaced the original tattered copy (best present ever). Basically, it’s a fictional story about POWs in Japan during WWII. It’s not like it’s the most amazing book ever, and I can’t put my finger on why I love it – but I do.

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