Ten OTHER things I will do this summer…

Yesterday was the last day of school, and while I still have several days left of cleaning my classroom, really this marks the part where summer has started. And while I may have my official list, it’s also important to know that i have other things I plan to do with my summer.

Many of my teacher friends use this time to travel. I used to teach summer school but money has been tight with school districts, so much like last summer, I plan to enjoy a lot of downtime “Lindsay Style.” here are ten OTHER I plan to do.

1. Watch a hell of a lot of Kathy Lee and Hoda.
2. Get so tan that you’ll think I’m another ethnicity.
3. Climb up and down the Mount Tabor stairs for a couple hours once a week.
4. Rewatch every episode of LOST.
5. Go berry picking with my non-fictional friends, Amanda and Wendy.
6. Sing a lot of karaoke.
7. Enjoy some mimosas on the Mount Hood Railroad Brunch Train.
8. Eat a corn dog at the Oregon State Fair.
9. Convert our study into a walk-in closet.
10. Take multiple naps in a single day.

4 thoughts on “Ten OTHER things I will do this summer…

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